design your own Hickory White upholstery
SHOWN ABOVE Kent 128KW10M Sofa Oxford Court 025BW01K Chair
design your own Hickory White upholstery
SHOWN ABOVE Madison 130LX09D Sofa 903-25-53 Shagreen Drink Table Essex 127SW01S Chair


Design your own upholstery

It's easy to create your own Hickory White custom upholstery.
Select from 2 cushion depths, 8 arm/cushion styles, 4 back styles,
welted or weltless, 20 configurations and 5 bases.
View all the options below.

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1Select your cushion & depth

-0 Super-UD / CLASSIC DEPTH = 38"
-2 Super-UD / LUXURY DEPTH = 41"
Seat cushions with high crown urethane core with polyester fibers encased in ticking. Shertrel back pillows are a combination of premium polyester fibers selected for utmost comfort.

-1 Custom Spring Down / CLASSIC DEPTH = 38"
-3 Custom Spring Down / LUXURY DEPTH = 41"
Seat cushions with special core of individually pocketed steel spring coils surrounded by polyurethane foam with 50% 25/75 down/feathers and 50% polyester fiber encased in a downproof ticking. Back pillows of channeled muslin ticking filled with 50% 25/75 down and feathers and 50% polyester fiber.

2Select your arm & cushion style

-20 Wilton
Panel Arm to the Front

-21 Wilton Court
Panel Arm T-Cushion

-24 Oxford
Sock Arm to the Front

-25 Oxford Court
Sock Arm T-Cushion

-27 Essex
English Arm T-Cushion

-28 Kent
Modified Track Arm
to the Front

-30 Madison
Slope Arm to the Front

-31 Newport
Track Arm

3Select your back style

L Loose Boxed Back

K Loose Knife Edge Back

B Semi-Attached
Boxed Back

S Semi-Attached Knife
Edge Back

4Select welted or weltless

W Welted

X Weltless

5Select your configuration

Standard Features Dimensions Overall Depth: 38 in. (Classic Depth) or 41 in. (Luxury Depth). Overall Height: 39 in.
Arm Height: 25 in. Seat Height: 19 in. Inside Depth: 21 in. (Classic Depth) or 23 in. (Luxury Depth).
Width will vary on some items depending on arm choice.

-01 Chair

-03 Loveseat

-05 Sofa

-06 Sleeper Sofa

-09 Two Cushion Sofa

-10 Bench Seat Sofa

-11 Grand Sofa

-13 LAF Loveseat

-14 RAF Loveseat

-15 Curved Corner
72/77"W 41/44"D

-16 Armless Chair

-17 Corner Chair
41"W (Luxury)

-18 Armless Loveseat

-20 Ottoman
30"W 24"D 18"H

-31 LAF Sofa

-32 RAF Sofa

-33 LAF Arm/Corner

-34 RAF Arm/Corner

-25 LAF Chaise
32"W 61-64"D

-26 RAF Chaise
32"W 61-64"D

6Select your base

Choose any Hickory White Custom finish for -M, -T, or -W base. Sleeper Sofas not available with -M or -T leg.

-D Dressmaker Skirt

-M Metropolitan Leg 5" H

-S Kick Pleat Skirt 9 1/4" H

-T Turned Leg 5" H

-W Wedge Leg 2" H

Sample Configurations

027SW01S Essex English Arm T-Cushion, Semi-Attached
Knife Edge Back, Welted Chair with Kick Pleat Skirt

130LX09D Madison Slope Arm to the Front, Loose
Boxed Back, Weltless 2-Cushion Sofa with
Dressmaker Skirt

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