Panhandle Leathers

Panhandle is a leather that offers a soft supple feel with a double grain tipping. With a clear, clean color pallet, Panhandle is a great leather that fits the contemporary furniture styles of today’s market. An apparel tannage process sets the stage for this soft, supple leather. Panhandle is great for family rooms and areas with daily use.

Resistance/Serviceability Rating:
Impervious to spills and stains. Easily cleaned, best for heavy-duty or commercial requirements.

Panhandle P910 Amber
Panhandle P912 Choco
Panhandle P913 Red
Panhandle P918 Smoke
Panhandle P919 Cadet
Panhandle P921 Tobac
Panhandle P922 Taupe
Panhandle P924 ECRU
Panhandle P926 Basil
Panhandle P927 Dove
Panhandle P950 Black
Panhandle P952 Aqua
Panhandle P953 Ocean
Panhandle P955 Gunmetal